Paradigm Group

Paradigm Group

Paradigm Group was established in Groot-Ammers, The Netherlands, in 2009. In their eleventh year, Paradigm Group have established four companies, all with the remit to develop and commercialize innovative upstream oil and gas technology products and services. With a broad width of market participation, the four companies include:

  • Paradigm Drilling Services
  • Paradigm Flow Services
  • Paradigm Intervention Technologies
  • Paradigm Technology Services

Each of the operating companies is a stand-alone unit with unique technologies supported by strong intellectual property positions. The group is known for its pioneering technology and services in the drilling, well intervention and flow remediation sectors. Even in this particularly challenging business climate, an aggressive R&D effort continues. This includes multiple joint development partnerships with major oil and gas operators, an area of business innovation that has historically been requested and utilised by the major oil and gas operators. The Group specializes in reducing the overall cost of operations by innovatively working to achieve immediate impact and payback for the customer in terms of cost saving and carbon impact.

The global group has bases in NL, Houston, UK, China and last year (2019) expanded their teams in the Middle East and a presence in KSA and Mexico to cope with increasing demand for their innovative drilling equipment.

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