Thermo Electric Instrumentation

Thermo Electric Instrumentation

Thermo Electric is the market leader in the development and production of temperature measurement systems.

Our manufacturing and testing facilities are located in Waddinxveen, the Netherlands, where we engineer and manufacture thermocouples, RTD`s (Pt100) and thermowells for various markets and industries. We are active in the oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, offshore, engineers & contractors, heavy industry, semiconductor market, food industry, maritime, mobile, power generation, water & paper, civil projects and machine building industry.

Thermo Electric temperature sensors can be used for measuring, regulating, controlling and calibrating every process with a temperature range from the absolute zero point (-273 °C) up to more than 1250 °C. Our products can be utilized in processes dealing with corrosive chemicals, vibrations, electrical interventions and high pressure.

The quality of these products is guaranteed by our Quality Management, ISO- certification and our calibration laboratory that meets NIST, COFRAC, ILAC, RvA and other international certifications. If it comes to Explosion Proof certificates, we supply IEC, ATEX and CSA/US certification. We work with state-of-the-art equipment, such as robot welding, laser welding and high pressure testing units (up to 7000 bar). This quality guarantees additional security and forms the foundation for Thermo Electrics leading position as the quality supplier of temperature measurement systems with the highest level of performance.

Thermo Electric is an approved supplier with all major international customers in the oil & gas, (petro) chemical, machine building and power industry.