Automatic Lubrication Systems
TrustLube designs, manufactures and installs automatic lubrication systems and monitoring systems for the dredging, offshore and maritime industries. Moving parts always used to be lubricated very liberally. ‘The vetter the better’ always appeared to be the motto. The drawback, however, is that most of the lubricant ends up in the environment.

Reduction of lubricant emissions
TrustLube attaches great value to the environment. Our skill is to choose the exact dosage required to ensure sound performance of the installation. TrustLube enables installations to reduce the consumption of lubricants up to 70% because of our innovative greasing system. This will enable our customers to make corporate social responsibility an integral part of their business operation.

Proved in most extreme conditions
TrustLube® systems guarantee you will receive the exact dosage, at the correct location, at the desired time, using the correct quantity. An important fact is that the system works under a wide range of conditions, between -24 °C in the Arctic Circle and +53 °C as can occur in the Middle East. Ambient temperature, line length and viscosity do not affect the lubricant dosage. The special stainless steel 316L version provides excellent protection against chemical influences and is 100% seawater resistant. TrustLube® systems continually prove themselves in the most extreme conditions.


  • Regular lubrication with accurately measured and monitored quantities, irrespective of the counter pressure produced by the lubrication point, line length or temperature
  • A fully automatic supply of the lubricant at exactly the right location
  • The lubrication process takes place while your company’s day-to-day operations are in progress
  • Hermetically sealed dosage valves prevent contamination in bearings, bearing seals and chains
  • Ingress of water, dust and sand is eliminated due to the sealed system
  • Existing systems can generally be upgraded and/or optimised
  • We offer 24/7 on-line monitoring of both the system and the lubrication point

Chiel van Daelen, CEO
Pieter Becker, General Manager