Van Meeuwen Lubrication

Van Meeuwen Lubrication

Van Meeuwen Lubrication – For high-tech lubrication maintenance in the offshore industry

Imagine: A world where machines and equipment are often placed under the most extreme demands. With immense loads and variable weather conditions. In places that are sensitive to contamination and protected by increasingly strict environmental requirements.

Van Meeuwen is the specialised partner for every lubrication challenge in this maritime and offshore world. With a proven track record in every branch of industry, Van Meeuwen has provided solutions in the form of high-grade lubricants and customised lubrication maintenance for over 85 years.

In the offshore industry, the top priorities are safety, durability and maximum reliability. Van Meeuwen speaks from experience. Leading companies in the offshore, dredging, port, lifts and crane sectors commonly use its wire rope lubricants, for example, in an extreme range of operating conditions. From lifting and pulling to stationary applications, with more environmentally friendly or non-toxic lubricants, under water, under high load, in dusty conditions, in icy cold and extreme heat.

Are you looking for custom lubrication solutions (including biodegradable) for the specific applications and conditions in the maritime and offshore sector? Or would you like to be kept completely up to date about Van Meeuwen’s specialisation with information on the best lubricants for various maritime applications, environmental effects, the most current regulations and the latest innovations? Or about having lubrication maintenance done?

If so, please contact Patrick Kostelijk, Sales Engineer for Marine & Offshore, by email: or call his mobile number: +31 (0) 65 234 17 17.