Vos Prodect Innovations (VPI)

Vos Prodect Innovations (VPI)

Vos Prodect Innovations (VPI) is a specialist in the engineering and supply of subsea cable protection systems, cable hang-off systems and offers many other associated solutions for subsea cable manufacturers and installers.

VPI, located in the Netherlands, is committed to meeting and exceeding the stringent quality requirements to ensure reliability for the benefit of the project and the client. VPI has an experienced team within the offshore wind, oil & gas electrification, and tidal sectors that is ready to assist you with your project requirements.

Within the industry, VPI has gained a reputation of quality and has been trusted with over 250 successfully completed projects, supplying VPI’s systems across the globe. Over the past years, VPI has been established as a market leader in the engineering and supply of cable hang-off systems by constantly reinventing itself in the face of shifting market demands and industry trends.

All VPI’s products continuously undergo vigorous quality and conformity checks, and testing is performed extensively. VPI offers preliminary installation support as well as opportunities to attend ‘training days’, to experience first-hand the ease of assembly and installation of the product range.

Contact details

Contact person: Cagatay Aygar, Technical sales engineer
Phone number: +31 (0)591 31 56 00
Email: info@vos-prodect.com
Website: https://www.vos-prodect.com