Nexstep: “Innovation and collaboration are key to facing the challenge of decommissioning and repurposing our infrastructure”

25-01-2021 Duurzaamheid, Netherlands Suppliers Catalogue

Nexstep: “Innovation and collaboration are key to facing the challenge of decommissioning and repurposing our infrastructure”

Nexstep was founded as a joint initiative of NOGEPA and EBN. Nexstep serves as the inclusive and collaborative umbrella organisation that coordinates, facilitates and seeks dialogue on the decommissioning and re-use agenda for oil and gas infrastructure in the Netherlands. ​

It is Nexstep’s aim for decommissioning to have zero safety incidents, create minimum environmental impact and realise cost reductions through efficiency. In addition, Nexstep seeks to re-use the infrastructure where possible (accelerating energy transition).

Nexstep focuses on:

  • identifying and enabling re-use or optimised decommissioning of the current oil and gas infrastructure.
  • setting up a database to provide insight into the scale and timing of decommissioning, for more accurate scheduling & collaboration.
  • creating an industry shared learnings platform.
  • contributing to the creation of a clear legal and regulatory framework in collaboration with all the parties.

As the public face of re-use and decommissioning of oil and gas infrastructure in the Netherlands, Nexstep will inform and engage with stakeholders and the general public about its work. It will promote transparency about re-use and decommissioning including its scope in the Netherlands amongst others by publishing the yearly Re-use and Decommissioning Report. A dedicated innovation agenda will identify new challenges and promote technology development where it is needed. Nexstep won the Offshore Energy Public Outreach Award in 2019, a big recognition for the work done by the team.

In 2020, we are developing a portal for the service industry in cooperation with IRO members to give the heavy lift contractors more insight into upcoming decommissioning work. In 2021, we will promote that activity and develop it further.

Furthermore, in 2021, focus will be on developing a pilot producing offshore hydrogen in cooperation with TNO on platform Q13a-A, the so called PosHYdon project, preparing the invitation to tender for the first joint campaign on MLS wells and exploring the route towards rigless abandonment. Nexstep will also continue to encourage industry collaboration, sharing lessons learned and engage with international partner organisations involved in the coordination of re-use and decommissioning of oil and gas infrastructure.

As of January 2020 IRO, represented by Managing Director Sander Vergroesen, has joined the Nexstep Supervisory Board as a non-voting member.

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