Ampelmann’s A400 gangway system starts maiden voyage for Arkona offshore wind farm

09-04-2018 Delft

Ampelmann’s A400 gangway system starts maiden voyage for Arkona offshore wind farm

To view footage of Vroon’s VOS Stone vessel and Ampelmann’s A400 gangway system, please watch a video here.

The Walk to Work system will be used to transfer personnel and essential cargo during commissioning work over the next eight months.

The A400 is the latest addition to Ampelmann’s growing portfolio of innovative gangway systems and was designed and manufactured specifically for the offshore wind market. It was fabricated at the company’s dedicated manufacturing facility in Rotterdam. It follows the launch of the AEP and the N-type gangway systems in 2017.

The ‘plug and play’ system combines the established motion compensation technology of Ampelmann’s A-type system with a 1.2 metre gangway to support the use of generic cargo trolleys and euro sized pallet trolleys. This also ensures space for people to pass the trolley in case of emergencies. The system, which is controlled by a single operator, can transfer multiple personnel at a time in sea states up to 3 metres and features an elevator to support ‘stepless’ policies and increase efficiency in the logistical flow from warehouse to turbine.

Claudia Beumer, Business Development Manager Offshore Wind, with Ampelmann, commented: “Following the process of transferring market demands to a concept design and a construction period of almost six months, it’s exciting to see the A400 finally set sail to the Arkona wind farm. This innovative gangway system enables personnel to have a safe commute from the vessel to the workplace and cargo can be transferred with ease and efficiency.

“The A400 has been developed in conjunction with leading operators to include greater capacity for equipment transportation between vessels and wind turbines. Providing a full system that includes a gangway capable of transporting a pallet, a trolley and elevator is something we believe will be of great benefit to the offshore wind sector.”