Announcement: Pieter Spruijt new Young IRO board member

16-05-2023 Young IRO

Announcement: Pieter Spruijt new Young IRO board member

As a Specialist in Alternative Fuels at Damen Shipyards, I am passionate about finding sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the offshore industry. It’s an exciting time work in this field, as we are exploring new technologies and fuel types that will make offshore operation more sustainable! Joining the Young IRO board is a great opportunity to connect like-minded professionals and contribute to shaping the future of the industry.

In my daily job I see examples everyday of successful collaboration between companies with the same drive. There are many fields where companies on their own cannot make the change which is needed so much. Another big factor which can make or break our industry is Human Capital. In the Young IRO board, I hope to make more people enthusiastic for our industry so we can do everything we can to meet the climate targets!


Pieter Spruijt, Damen