Atlas Copco Rental Europe invests in offshore fleet

06-09-2018 Zwijndrecht

Atlas Copco Rental Europe invests in offshore fleet

Atlas Copco Rental has reaffirmed their commitment to the Marine and Energy industry with a significant investment in advanced offshore equipment. Now more than ever, offshore projects require efficient solutions with high-performing equipment on a minimal footprint. To meet this requirement, Atlas Copco Rental is introducing twenty five brand new offshore generators (from 100 to 1450 kVA) and twenty large Y35 high-pressure compressors. With the addition of this advanced technology, Atlas Copco Rental ensures that its fleet can continue to meet the stringent demands of the offshore industry now and for years to come.

A unique 35 bar solution

Atlas Copco Rental is pleased to announce the addition of twenty DrillAir Y35 compressors to the fleet. Offering high pressures and flows at a lower cost in a smaller footprint, the DrillAir Y35 is the peak of high-pressure compressor technology. The diesel-driven screw compressor utilises Atlas Copco’s patented Extended Pressure Range (XPR) technology, allowing the pressure to be set anywhere between 15 and 35 bar, making the Y35 an extremely versatile solution suitable for applications such as pressure testing, dewatering, drying and nitrogen flushing.

To complement the DrillAir Y35, we have launched a B18TT 62/3000 booster for up- and midstream projects. The advanced booster technology brings the operating pressure up to 200 bar in just two stages, ensuring that we can provide the equipment for the most extreme pressure applications such as oil & gas exploration drilling, well services and pipeline services (testing).

Versatile and complete offshore power fleet
The second stage of the investment is the expansion of the power generation fleet, with twenty five new machines featuring five different generator models. The first range includes generators of 100 kVA, 250 kVA, 400 kVA, 500kVA and 630 kVA, all suitable for 50Hz and 60Hz applications. All of these generators are perfectly suited for offshore applications, delivering efficient power within a compact and lightweight DNV 2.7-1 certified offshore lifting frame.

The fifth generator is our latest innovation: a 1450kVA power pack, which houses fully redundant 725kVA twins delivering the highest power output in the smallest footprint available on the market. The TwinPower comes in a 20ft DNV 2.7-1 certified container making it the ideal solution for power applications requiring a 100% back-up generator. The QAC 1450 can be set at different frequencies (50 or 60hz) and voltages (380V up to 690V).

Michel Jasica, Manager Offshore NorthSea region at Atlas Copco Rental: “We already offered an extensive fleet of equipment built for heavy duty in hazardous conditions to cover the requirements of offshore projects. And also, our service technicians have always been certified according to all relevant standards and norms. Nonetheless, we are keen on continuously innovating, both on product and service level. With this new and immense investment, we confirm our engagement to support the offshore market with a completed portfolio. Our experts follow the market closely so we can offer the right equipment for each application with the right support at any time.”