Discovering, cleaning up and protecting the North Sea

25-05-2021 IRO Nieuws, Leden nieuws, Netherlands Suppliers Catalogue

Discovering, cleaning up and protecting the North Sea

The Netherlands is closely linked to the North Sea. A connection with a rich history full of adventure and calamity that has always had a great influence.

Traditionally our country holds a close economic connection with the sea in terms such as transport, fishing, oil and gas production, wind energy and tourism. In recent years we have increasingly come to recognise the North Sea as a crucial part of the ecosystem of which everyone is a part. In the nineties, this awareness led to the start of ‘Duik de Noordzee Schoon’, now a foundation with a growing number of enthusiastic volunteers who clean up the North Sea, but also discover and visualise the secrets of the North Sea.

Harmony at sea

Stichting Duik de Noordzee Schoon believes in a clean and healthy North Sea where fishing, energy production and recreation are sustainably in harmony with flora and fauna. Initiated by experienced North Sea wreck divers, the Foundation highlights the importance of natural and artificial reefs in the North Sea. Fully funded by their own contributions and donations, expedition members dedicate themselves to protecting the North Sea. Annually, they organise one or more expeditions to special areas of the North Sea with the aim to increase knowledge of the North Sea, and to protect shipwrecks from destruction and waste disposing.

Adventures In the deep

The volunteers of Stichting Duik de Noordzee Schoon are a great source of inspiration to the IRO board. To support the Foundation IRO joined forces with Energy Reinvented Community in October 2020. Together they funded the translation of the Foundation’s adventure book IN THE DEEP into English, making it accessible to an international audience.

In the book beautiful images and great stories reveal 14 diving expeditions of the Foundation. With wonderful pictures, the book tells the story of these adventurous and special discovery voyages to all corners of the North Sea. Unique reefs pass by with their flora and fauna on the seabed. They paint a picture of an unimaginable world on the bottom of the North Sea, a world we usually only connect with the reefs in the Caribbean or other exotic spots in the world.

How can you contribute?

With the sales of this book (€ 25,00) the Foundation can fund one or more diving days during one of their next expeditions. The English edition of the book provides you with an inspiring business gift, of course you can also order it for personal use. You can order directly via the QR-code on this page.

Take a look at the good work of the volunteers in the short trailer or check out the website of Duik de Noordzee Schoon.

Interested in a personalised edition of ‘In the Deep’ with your own logo? It’s is possible for orders of 500 copies or more. It is also possible to become a partner and join with an annual contribution; visit
For all your contributions and / or questions please contact

The foundation has an ANBI status, donations are tax deductible.

We all carry responsibility to our North Sea; the Foundation counts on you!