Fairmaster Fully Loaded: From Taiwan to the USA and Panama in Between


Our Fairmaster recently loaded 16 ultra-heavy petrochemical columns and accompanying general cargo in Mailiao, Taiwan for Pacific Ocean Group and end client Formosa Heavy Industries.
This project video shows the Fairmaster’s journey with this extraordinary cargo from Taiwan, sailing through the Panama and discharging in Point Comfort, Texas, USA.

Jumbo Lift
The columns and cargo weighed in total 6695 tonnes including three ultra-heavy columns, one 105m long wash tower of 1720t and two EO Reactors weighing 1147t each. The Jumbo K-3000 was the only HLV capable of loading all 3 ultra-heavy units along with the additional heavy lifts and general cargo.

Jumbo Reliability – Smart Shipping. No Surprises.
Inventive yet safe and efficient ways to ship and install cargoes of all shapes and sizes are engineered on a daily basis by the Jumbo team. For this project our engineers and port captains worked closely with our clients to create a highly customised solution. The added complexity of the ultra-heavy cargoes meant that smart and accurate logistical planning and engineering were essential.

The Fairmaster is from the K-class family, fitted with two 1,500t cranes with a combined lifting capacity of 3,000t. Being the biggest heavy-lift vessel in its class, the cranes give a larger outreach than vessels with less lifting capacity.
If you have any enquiries concerning projects, heavy lift shipments or ultra-heavy cargo please contact the Jumbo Shipping Team.