FourICT and the introduction within the Oil and Gas business

03-01-2019 Zoetermeer

FourICT and the introduction within the Oil and Gas business

When I joined the ONS2018 in Stavanger together with our partner MindXtract last year, one thing became very clear to me. “The Oil & Gas Business is on the move”. Rarely seen so many impressive developments and innovation for the optimization of upstream, midstream and downstream processes. And there was a lot of communication about digital transformation, even a lot.

With the silo behavior of many players there is quite a challenge when we talk about this digital transformation. Because digital transformation encourages a transparent way of working based on data from the chain. The willingness to share data is therefore crucial if you want to have a digital conversion at all. The reason that many initiatives within this area are not successful is not due a lack of technology but especially to the culture within the organizations and that is a shame.

Within the same discussion about sharing information, the chain-wide idea may well get an impulse. It remains a fascinating discovery to see how operators cooperate with each other in a breakdown process. Every one with the best intention but in the end result is often not (yet) to be found.

Peaks at the right time.

We therefore see our entrance in the Oil and Gas segment as peaks at the right time. Not because we would like to talk about it, but mainly because we want to show that things can be done differently.
That you can work together with various disciplines and organizations in one system with the aim of not only being a satisfied operator but also satisfied users.
That you can share data in one transparent process chain where everyone uses the correct (real-time) data, procedures and safety instructions.

But also that you can guide engineers with the right information and that they can do their work based on voice-driven service instructions. Therefore we started a partnership with Realwear and integrated the HMT-1 in our task based service concept. The combination of the Realwear HMT-1 and our taskbased service concept makes it possible to guide engineers on a efficient way through support issues and inspections. A musthave for every innovation driven service organization.

As far as we are concerned, 2019 will be the year of the digital breakthrough within the Oil and Gas segment. Not only for the operators but also for service-oriented companies that make an important contribution to this chain. We look forward to it and would like to drop by to discuss this topic. Do you dare to engage in the discussion?

Henk van Ewijk