Fugro supports safe energy operations in Namibia with ultra-deep water Geo-data

14-11-2023 Leden nieuws, Offshore wind

Fugro supports safe energy operations in Namibia with ultra-deep water Geo-data

Galp, a Portuguese energy corporation, awarded Fugro a contract to conduct an environmental and geophysical survey offshore Namibia. Known for its remote location, challenging conditions and ultra-deep water, this site is key to future energy operations in the region. Fugro’s advanced technology and expertise in marine geophysical and environmental surveys ensured efficient and accurate data collection, enabling Galp to make informed decisions for safe energy operations in the region.

With fieldwork completed earlier this month, the survey reached depths of 2000 metres. The Fugro Venturer, a geophysical vessel, collected sediment samples for environmental and chemical analysis before an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) captured seabed video footage. Additionally, Fugro acquired in situ full ocean depth water profiles and water samples to measure the current biodiversity. The Geo-data collected through this survey will support the identification of potentially sensitive habitats, advance knowledge of remote seamounts, and contribute to informed project planning and resource management.

Furthermore, the geophysical survey will provide insights into the underwater landscape, ensuring the safe movement and operation of offshore assets within the designated area.

Rob Hawkins, Fugro’s Commercial Director for Africa said: “Our expertise in deep-water surveying and identifying protected habitats supports sustainable and efficient offshore energy developments while minimising negative impacts on the marine environment. Fugro remains committed to the preservation of the environment, and this survey is an essential step towards achieving this goal.”