Global Sustainable Enterprise System, for your sustainability and supply chain transparency ratings

28-01-2021 IRO Nieuws, Netherlands Suppliers Catalogue, Duurzaamheid

Global Sustainable Enterprise System, for your sustainability and supply chain transparency ratings

The World has created the Sustainable Development Goals, Standards, Laws and Regulations. All with the Intent to Make a Difference for Our Planet and its People.
But there are some problems:

  • A persistent lack of clarity
  • There’s overload of complex information
  • Nobody has given you a plan for your path to sustainability
  • Sustainability consultants and reporting are expensive and time-consuming
  • You’ve no idea if you’re complying with sustainability laws
  • You’ve no idea if you’re effectively managing opaque supply chains
  • You’re worried you’re exposing your business to risk
  • You’re unsure on what areas of sustainability yield the greatest impact

This is why we created the online GSES platform. GSES is a worldwide accepted international standard to holistically measure your sustainability performance. A meta standard that unifies every sustainability standard in the world. Validated through independent partners and accreditation institutions.

GSE-Standard and it’s supporting GSES-System have everything you need to measure, rate and manage your sustainable performance, supply chains and investments. Your plan for rating, governing and improving your sustainable performance, supply chains and procurement.

Get Access
Request a demo, register and get access to the platform.

Measure and gain insight
Measure your sustainable performance on an organisational and/or project- and product level, invite suppliers and gain Scorecards and certificates.

Achieve growth
Manage and improve your sustainable performance in your personal Dashboard

Rating methodology
GSE-Standard measures organisations and their supply chain organisations on two levels – combined covering all facets of sustainability in organisations, products, production processes and supply chains:

– the organisational level (6 pillars)
– the product/project level (3 pillars)

The Standard is based on GRI and ISO High Level Structure and in compliance with UN Global Compact, OECD Guidelines and the Responsible Business Alliance. They are open source and managed by a wide international range of experts, stakeholders from diverse industries, led by the National Sustainability Institute of the Netherlands.

Maritime and Offshore sector
GSE System is often used by members from the offshore and maritime industry. IRO endorses GSE System for their members and companies like Van Oord, Heerema Marine Contractors, IFS and many others have joined the GSE System already. For example Van Oord is not only measuring their own sustainability achievements but also the achievements and transparency of their suppliers.

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