IRM new success story


IRM new success story

IRM is proud to announce successful completion of manufacturing of 100 Pile Grippers (up to Pile dia. – 96 inch, load – 2500 Tons). This success story reiterates IRM’s capability for manufacturing and supplying such critical products for different offshore oil drilling platforms in the India, Middle East and South East Asia region with 100 % success rate. All the Pile Grippers employed have performed successfully as per the requirements of different site conditions and the installation needs of contractors / project owners.

Further, we have been awarded a new project (cluster 8, ONGC) by L&T hydrocarbon engineering Ltd. for supply of 16 number pile grippers (96’-12no’s, 108’-4no’s).

IRM is a Pioneer in manufacturing of critical platform protection systems and offshore installation equipments like Diaphragm closures, Pile closures, Grout packers – Passive seals, Deck supporting units, Leg mating unit, Pile Grippers, Boat landing rub strips and shear fenders- cushion, platform protection barge bumpers, shock cells, surge and sway fenders and jacket leg rub strips and have successful track record of supplying these products to more than 400 Offshore Platforms Globally.

Over the years, with continuous improvement in process, IRM has gained expertise in designing and manufacturing custom made Pile Gripper systems for various applications for smooth installation of offshore jackets for Oil and Gas and offshore Wind Energy sectors. IRM also have adequate resources for providing after sales services and operational support to all the customers and have multiple installation teams comprising of well experienced engineers for all types of operational support at offshore as well as at yard.

Right from the product design to FAT by end user and TPI, IRM has mastered its all-round manufacturing process to ensure best quality products to meet with the specific requirements. Each and every department involved in these process, strictly follow set manufacturing methods resulting in quality of product and services.
IRM has proved time and again that the quality of product that drives the business is achieved by developing an excellent process control at every stage of development of products and services.