IRO: Focus on collaboration


IRO: Focus on collaboration

Energy is a need which will only grow the next coming decades. Which means we need all the resources to provide in this daily requirement. However, renewable energy is not the only energy supply which can provide in this growing demand. We still need fossil-based energy since renewables can only supply 50 percent of the total energy demand in 2050. There is no question that a climate agreement is necessary, the ecological footprint we leave on the planet is massive. However, since the world population is still growing, we can’t compensate the energy demand with renewable energy only. A statement which the Dutch government doesn’t want to acknowledge, nor will they propose any alternatives. Ignoring the oil and gas sector by not supporting foreign trade missions will not stop the increasing energy consumption.

As the Dutch are true pioneers in creating new possibilities, we can claim that the Dutch offshore industry is one of the most innovative industries in the field. Working in a sustainable manner is a conscious choice rather than an obligation. Investing in vessels which sail on LNG or smart shipping are a few of the many examples. Furthermore the newest pilot is the hydrogen production at the North Sea. A former drilling platform is currently testing the generation of hydrogen, which is another sustainable energy solution. With this unique trial project, The Netherlands is the first country which produces hydrogen offshore. The North Sea provides us with several energy options which can all be combined in one area. Windparks, oil and gas platforms, seaweed farms, tidal and wave energy and as of next year also hydrogen. The Sustainable Development Goals remain high on the agenda of the Dutch entrepreneurs in the offshore industry.

The transition to renewable energy cannot be achieved without the use of conventional energy sources such as oil and gas. They are the tools to bridge a smooth transition to a sustainable energy supply, because currently there aren’t enough alternatives to face the global growing energy demand. Collaboration and innovation are the keys to success. Investing in innovative projects – in both upstream oil and gas as for offshore renewable applications – together with the industry, knowledge institutes, universities and last but not least the government, are important requirements. It’s crucial for the government to actively support these initiatives. Otherwise it could result in other countries obtaining the large international assignments. The question is, to what extent are these countries sustainable? Upstream oil and gas operations will remain necessary and Dutch suppliers are capable in providing the most sustainable solutions in this branch all over the world. With our technology and innovations we can contribute to the challenges in the energy sector. Together.

Sander Vergroesen
Managing Director
IRO – The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry and Offshore Renewable Industry