Mastering Crane Safety: Predicting Fatigue in Lifting Equipment with EN 13001 webinar by SDC Verifier

01-06-2023 Leden nieuws

Mastering Crane Safety: Predicting Fatigue in Lifting Equipment with EN 13001 webinar by SDC Verifier

On June 22, the SDC Verifier team will host the webinar Mastering Crane Safety: Predicting Fatigue in Lifting Equipment with EN 13001.

The design life of a crane is one of the critical criteria in the economic aspect of owning and maintaining any lifting equipment or structure subject to repetitive loads. Because the graph of the costs over the lifetime is not linear and within a specific period, the cost of maintenance, upgrades, modifications, and inspections increases due to the need for repairs.

EN 13001 Cranes. General design principles and requirements is a European standard that specifies conditions and requirements for the design of cranes to prevent mechanical hazards and a method of verification of these requirements.

Our Engineering Project Manager, Roman Samchuk, will talk about why knowing your crane design life matters and review cranes’ general design requirements according to EN 13001.


Register for 9:00 AM UTC+2 (Amsterdam) (12:30 Delhi, Mumbai, 15:00 Beijing, 16:00 Seoul, Tokyo) or 4:00 PM UTC+2 (Amsterdam) (09:00 AM Houston, 11:00 AM Rio de Janeiro) and learn more about design simulation and calculation best practices with SDC Verifier.

Roman Samchuk is the Engineering Projects Manager at SDC Verifier. With 7+ years of experience in Structural and Mechanical Engineering, Roman leads a team of engineers solving the most complicated engineering tasks for customers globally. In addition to project management, he is deeply involved in the engineering process focusing on the beam buckling, fatigue, structural stability, and non-linear behavior of the structures.

Being an expert in the FEA calculations and verification according to standards, such as Eurocode, AISC, API, DNV, ABS, and many more, Roman and his team have completed more than 60 projects over the past two years in the Heavy Lifting, Offshore and Marine, Oil and Gas, Civil and Structural Engineering and Machinery Equipment industries.

SDC Verifier is an engineering company in mechanical and structural design that provides engineering consultancy services and tailor-made code-checking software. The SDC Verifier software is a powerful standard checking tool that works in different FEA solutions, such as ANSYS, Femap, and Simcenter 3D. It helps to automatically verify your FEA results according to multiple industry standards such as DIN, EN, Eurocode, FEM, AISC, Norsok, ISO, DNV, ABS, DVS, FKM, AIJ, and AS.

SDC Verifier is a perfect solution to automate all possible routine work, speed up the verification of engineering projects significantly, and easily create an advanced engineering report.