Wagenborg Foxdrill secures contract for Congo offshore derrick removal

16-12-2022 Leden nieuws

Wagenborg Foxdrill secures contract for Congo offshore derrick removal

Wagenborg Foxdrill was recently awarded the contract for a challenging offshore project: removing the derrick from the Dagda jack-up drilling rig. The Dagda platform is located about 50 kilometres off the coast of Congo, West Africa.

Wagenborg Foxdrill’s scope involves the removal of the complete derrick on the platform. Removal of the upper derrick sections will take place using Foxdrills’ Floating Ginpole, an innovative modular and flexible lifting solution which is especially designed for this type of work. The lower derrick sections will also be removed by Wagenborg Foxdrill using the rigs deck cranes.

Dutch-based Dixstone Shipyard Holland BV awarded the derrick-removal contract to the Foxdrill team because of their specific skills and experience on derrick removal operations and their approach with project preparation. Dixstone is operating as a turnkey contractor for the platform conversion scope. After conversion Perenco will use the unit as a production platform in Congo.

A team of 7 Foxdrill rope access derrick experts will be mobilized to the Dagda platform in January 2023 to execute the derrick removal job, which will take approximately 7 weeks.