Course Offshore Energy: from Fossil to Renewables

Rotterdam Offshore Energy

Are we still dependent on fossil fuels?

After the Climate Change Conference (COP) in Glasgow one might say that we need switch to green energy tomorrow.
However reality is that we are still reliant on fossil sources for an extended period of time.
Presently is the most exciting time for professionals in the energy world, as we need to make game-changing decisions.

Do you want to know more about the challenges and possible solutions, join the course.


  • The background of finding, producing and distribution of oil and gas
  • A broad overview of the global game of major oil companies
  • The ever-growing global need for energy, and the way to satisfy it with old and new forms of energy
  • How does the current and future offshore energy landscape looks like around the North Sea
  • The energy transition, possible offshore solutions, e.g. offshore wind and wave energy

Unique experience

Part of the course is an active participation in the Offshore Experience in the Maritiem Museum.
In the Offshore Experience you will go on a challenging search for energy from oil, gas and wind. You can experience what it is like at sea and at a depth of three kilometers underwater, where you can see for yourself how offshore employees manage to do their spectacular jobs on the open sea.

This course has been developed especially for non-technical employees or starters in the energy world, more particular the offshore industry.  It is given in understandable, clear language.
The participants will receive a certificate of participation.


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For more information please send an email to or contact Barbara van Buchem
(T: 079-3411981).

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