The expanding Young IRO family and what we stand for!

14-05-2018 Rotterdam

The expanding Young IRO family and what we stand for!

We are currently gearing up for two more Intelligent Events this year. The first one will be our upcoming summer event. The date will be announced in the upcoming week. The last and biggest event of the year will be our event at OEEC 2018 in Amsterdam, in October. More details will follow soon.

Introducing two new heroes in the board

The amount of Young IRO members is rising and we don’t want to disappoint them. We strive to be a powerful and relevant platform for our members. Therefore, we need a dynamic and robust board to turn this into reality. This is the reason why we decided to look for two more board members. Hereby we introduce you to our two new heroes:

Amber Nossent:

Young, smart, enthusiastic and a little extreme. What more can we ask for in our new Marketing Officer!

An introduction:

I am Amber Nossent, 21 years old. I have been working in the maritime and offshore energy industry for six years at FMJ Marine & Offshore, I am currently working as Account Manager at Navingo BV. This year, I will graduate from Erasmus University Rotterdam, as a bachelor in International Business Administration. The current innovative possibilities and the transitions happening in the offshore energy industry make this industry appealing and attractive to me. As Marketing Officer at Young IRO, I hope to engage more young people and activate them to enhance the industry to turn its challenges in opportunities. I am passionate about extreme sports, such as kitesurfing, wavesurfing and snowboarding. I always try to push the limit!

Sander Morshuis

Intelligent, tech savvy, inventive and has a passion for the ocean. The perfect recipe for our new Innovation Officer

I am proud to join the Young IRO board at a time when key innovations in the offshore are rapidly being developed and are necessary for the massive energy transition we are all facing. I am looking forward to giving young innovators in the offshore industry a chance to share their ideas and brainstorm with other industry partners from various backgrounds. Additionally, I hope to strengthen the Young IRO support with more engineers and technical innovators.

So, are you working for one of the 450 IRO companies? And did you or your company develop or implement a game changing innovation, which you are proud to share with the ambitious young professionals in our industry? Please contact me so that I can see how we can implement this in an inspiring way in one of our upcoming events.

Our clarified description, Mission & Vision

We, as Young IRO, need to do this for the right reasons, that is why we have made our description on Young IRO a little clearer. You can find the text here. To remind you of what we stand for, here is our Vision:

Making the Offshore Industry future proof, rethinking the conventional, empowering the Young Generation & linking all professions, age groups & genders within the IRO Community.

And Mission:

To Facilitate continuous learning, development & knowledge exchange through business friendships between young industry professionals.

Young IRO in Ocean Energy Resources:

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